Monday, October 13, 2008


A miracle is classified as “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs” according to Merriam-Webster. Our Pastor’s definition is not much different. He said that it is God intervening in order that something may happen that wouldn’t have happened on it’s own in the natural realm of this world. I’m guilty of two things… calling things a miracle that maybe aren’t, and forgetting to look for and recognize true miracles when they happen. As Stan said, recognizing a miracle makes us see our own limitation… that is so true!

So when asked how many miracles I’ve seen, I really had to think about it. The first one that comes to mind is the car accident that I was in 10+ years ago. There were 7 of us plus our driver involved. Our driver pulled out onto a 2 lane highway in front of a semi-trailer carrying 78,000 lbs of gravel; He t-boned us. It was truly a miracle that no one died, and that although there were significant injuries initially, each of us is well today. How else can you explain that? It’s a miracle. I think that babies are miracles. I know they are meant to happen in the natural realm of this world, I’m still amazed at how we are able to create life.

I think one of the biggest miracles for me is that I'm here. I look at my past... the obstacles that the enemy so graciously stacked against me, and the choices I made. I marvel in the love and forgiveness that I've been given by God, and that each time He takes me back He brings me closer to Him. The last time I pulled away, I pulled away hard and fast. I didn't understand His timing or His will during that time of my life. I'm learning that I won't always understand, but that if I place my trust in Him completely and unselfishly, He will guide me, protect me and love me... and all will be well with my soul. That He could take this vessel, this clay, and mold it and refine it is in itself a miracle to me. I praise you and thank you, Jesus, for what you're doing in my life!

I think there is a stipulation to seeing and believing miracles: FAITH! One has to believe that God does exist, and that He is capable of doing anything on this earth, far beyond our comprehension and understanding. I know that there are people out there that don’t believe… that it makes more sense to them that we were created out of nothing. I can’t comprehend how that could ever happen, nor do I want to. My heart belongs to Jesus. He has shown me time and time again that He is the creator of our universe, that He is the master craftsman, and that He still reigns. Each day I wake up I’m reminded of what an incredible artist our Lord is… the colors, the detail, and the smell of a crisp fall morning. He is so good.

Just as we should be praying in anticipation of God answering, we should be watching for the miracles happening around us. It’s another form of communication that He WANTS to have with us. Isn’t he amazing? Imagine if we heard from God every single day! I know I want to, and I’m going to be looking for the ways in which He speaks to me.

I hope you hear Him and see Him in everything you do today. :)

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The Cohen's said...

AMEN!!!! I think we all overlook the miracles because sometimes they are small, or sometimes they are such an answered prayer that in our relief we forget that it was God sent... not just luck of the draw.
Thanks for the reminder, Tee. ;)