Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tonight I'm thankful for:

-Friends, old and new
-Mentors, even if they feel they are unworthy or undeserving (God has placed you in people's lives for a reason... HE WILL DO ALL THE WORK! :) Without these people to lead by example (even if they don't know they are), we may not see God's work quite as clearly. You give us something to strive for as we test new waters and experiences that are so unfamiliar.
-Willing hearts to teach, and ears to listen
-New opportunities that are being presented each and every day
-Being reminded of the little things we can do to make people feel good every day

Most importantly: God's unfailing patience and love. I'm so incredibly grateful that He silently waits for us to figure things out! He waited while I rebelled and allowed myself to be a victim. I shut him out, I shut out the thought that He could actually use me at the end of this. And now, here I sit, more in love with Jesus than I ever thought I could be, and wanting nothing more than to live my life for him! I feel like there are so many potential opportunities for me to venture out that I wouldn't have considered before. I know that he is faithful, and that he will guide me, and TALK to me! How amazing is our God!? It's incomprehensible. I thank him tonight for the handful of special people that have just really guided me and lead me this week... that have helped me to remain true to myself and to God, and that have kept my fire fueled. May I get to know them even better than I do now, and cherish the relationship and fellowship with them.

God bless you as you go into your weekend. May you hear God's soft whispers in your heart.



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