Monday, August 25, 2008

Counting Blessings

I feel as though I've had a heavy heart the last week, so instead of allowing the enemy into my life and it consuming me, I'm going to thank and praise God in EVERYTHING!

~Family... those who will love you always despite any arguments, difference of opinion, gaps to be bridged, days/weeks/months spent in silence from each other. The people in your life that you not only resemble, but those will go to bat for you any day, anytime. I'm thankful for the beautiful mother I was born to... the woman that taught me how to express myself and love with all that I am every single day of my life. My older sister who taught me how to take a good hit, do my makeup, shave my legs, have some confidence, and always stick up for myself (because she, of course, had my back). And my twin. Our relationships is nothing short of a gift straight from God's heart. I am so thankful that He gave me you to go through life next to... from the first day of school to marriage and babies. I sometimes think you are my biggest fan, and by far the one who will always encourage, support, and hold me accountable to the right decisions.

~Friends: old and new. He has graced my life with people with which to laugh, cry, learn, and be pushed to go further than I had ever imagined. Through each season of my life I have been been provided for - open arms, a safe place to expose my raw and wounded heart, and a place where I can be myself. The people that have been so strategically placed in my life are countless, each being irreplaceable and special. I hold each of you close to my heart and thank God for the beauty you bring to my life. God is the amazing and perfect maestro! I could never have orchestrated such perfect timing and placement of people to help guide me and lead me during time of trial and testing of my wings. I'm being challenged to delve further into his word by people that I admire, respect, and look to as mentors. I'm growing in a group with women where I can show my naivety without be mocked or condemned.

~The Trinity. My father in Heaven who is the only Father I need to love me and hold me and support me. Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice He made for every single one of us who are so undeserving. And the Holy Spirit for filling my soul and being here each and every minute of my day.

I know that I am nothing without God, and I have complete faith in his leading and direction in my life. Because of Him, I can move forward from all of the hurt and know that I can truly leave the past behind me. I can change my future, and ultimately my childrens' future for not allowing my childhood and past decisions to consume me. Because of him, I have grace and peace... and a contentment that comes only from being satisfied in my God. I'm SO GRATEFUL!

I hope that you can find some things to reflect on and thank God for today. He didn't promise it would be easy, but He did say He would bring us through it. Thank you for being blessings in my life. :)
Have an awesome week. May you see God's amazing work in the beauty around you.


The Cohen's said...

Awww... you put me up too high, Tee. I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

I have found you sweet girl....and send you hugs and much love. What a lovely thing a blog is. I hope to have one soon too!!!! Thanks for you comments on Meghan's blog. What fun. Hope your week is a good one. Come visit .....we miss you. XXX Mom Dease