Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Powerful & Moving Testimony

I've said many times that God has blessed me with such amazing people to know and learn from, especially some very strong women of faith. And although it can sound so cliche, it absolutely rings true. I'm constantly and consistently reminded that the Holy Spirit lives within in me, and He always provides.

I woke up this morning just feeling a little down. I don't know why... maybe I'm just tired. Though my faith is as strong this morning as it was yesterday, my attitude is different. My perspective of life is slightly skewed. And God, being the wonderful and beautiful provider that He is, has brought me back once again. I'll explain.....

In April of this year, I went to a Women's Retreat at our church. It many ways, it sparked the change that happened in me in the months to follow. I wasn't on the right path, and I hadn't let go of what had become a stronghold in my life. The fellowship with women was awesome, but there was a testimony given that brought me back to my faith. I was reminded that things don't always happen that make us want to give praise to God, but that He is very much still here, and that He loves us and wants us to fall into him. This testimony was heart wrenching and beautiful, all at the same time. This person is a sister to two women that are members at my church. I believe that God had his hand in her speaking at our retreat that weekend, and that her impact will be much more widespread than maybe she even thought. She recently did a radio interview in Oklahoma City, and you can hear it online. It lasts about 30 minutes, and I strongly encourage you to take the time to listen to it. It will move you deep within the core of your soul. It may bring up a painful experience that you've had, but it will also remind you that God loves you, and that through Him you can overcome that hurt, and accept the love that He wants to give you. I had forgotten how deeply touching and awesome Grace's testimony is. I know that if you can make time to hear it, you will be changed in some way. It's powerful to hear how God brings people through some of the darkest times.

Here is the link to hear the radio show: In case it's not on the top when you go to listen to it, her name is Grace Whitnah (you may need to do a search).

I pray that each of you feel God's loving arms around you today; that no matter how you're feeling or what may be going through your head, that you allow God's word to infiltrate in and become the truth that you hear. I hope that you all have a beautiful day, and a wonderful week.

With love in him--

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