Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here and Now

I attended a service on Sunday morning in which I heard some words that really hit home for me. Pastor Gary at EV Free was finishing up a series on the 7 people you'll meet in Heaven. (In case any of you are wondering, the 7th person is Eric Liddell - you'll have to visit their church's website to get the other 6). :)

I think the thing that struck a cord with me the most was that God planned for us to be exactly where we are... from the place we were born, the parents we were born to, the town in which we currently live, and all the places we've lived before. Pastor Gary said that He chose a place and time where we'd have the best advantage to find and receive Him... that not one of our lives is a mistake. Ever feel like your life is haphazard and you're not sure why you're here? I know I have.... Sometimes when I feel so low that I can't see past my current circumstances, simply knowing that I was created by a God that loves me is enough to help me take my next breath. The pastor went on to say that everything from our education and hobbies to our spiritual gifts were created in us so that we could know and serve Him better. He created us each uniquely and perfectly, completely different from one another, so that we would each serve our own purpose. Our Creator is the master craftsman, the infallible potter. That He would make us each so specifically is nothing short of beautiful.

"Faith is to be lived out through how God has made you and understanding He comes first". When we take a stand for Him in our lives, sacrifice, and show our commitment to Him, He will honor our dedication. What it all comes down to is Love. Love for Him, and then love for other people. One of the last points Gary listed is "Let your life be a complete surrender". I think this made me realize all of the things I was holding onto the past couple of weeks need to be laid at the foot of the cross. The hurts, the disappointments, each situation that I wasn't willing to let go of... all of these can be better serviced by Him. We're always going to be hurt and disappointed by people, it's just life. And Christ understands that. He is a loving God, and He is merciful. We need to trust Him with our lives, right down to the direction our lives go. He was big enough to create us... I'm willing to bet my life that He is capable of directing our paths also. :)

Jeremiah 29:11 has been resonating in my heart for the last couple of week, so I'll end with that.
' "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. '

I'm confident that His plans for each of us is to give us a hope, and a future... better than anything we could ever imagine. And I'm so grateful. :)

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