Monday, February 16, 2009

Little reminders

Isn't it strange how a something as simple as a song can make one remember something precious? It's beautiful and ridiculous all at the same time. Sometimes I feel as though I'm strong, and I can discuss and think about anything. Other times a phrase, location, or even a song, make me think of something and I'll weep.

I was sitting in my truck today and a familiar song came on the radio. As I was singing along, the song invited in a personal memory, and before I knew it I was crying. It was a Carrie Underwood song... I think the name of it is "Remember Me". In the song the mom had put money in the ash tray in case she runs short on cash. It reminded me of when my mom had her first chemo treatment, and I drove up just for one night because I was so worried about her being sick and just needed to see for myself that she was indeed okay. (She was good at not letting you in on just how bad she was feeling). When I left she said she had put something in my wallet for me, and told me not to argue with her. She said it meant a lot that I came up to be with her. It's just the kind of thing a mom does I guess, but it makes me feel special knowing that it was something MY mom did. :) I enjoy happy memories like that....

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