Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

All over today people are spending the day with their dads, telling them how important they are and how much they mean to them. I, like so many other people, didn't have a great dad growing up. Without going into the gory details and listing a sob story, we'll simply say that he wasn't loving, and he wasn't present for most of the things that dads should be. But we had an incredible mom that made sure we always knew how much we were loved and cared for.

Sitting in church this morning, a gentleman sang a song that was his personal favorite to bring his focus back to God. He talked about how his father was not a part of his life, but how he always knew God loved him, and that God was his father. Up until the last few months, I hadn't even thought about a real relationship with Christ. It was so completely one sided, and not nearly as focused as it needed to be. But now... now I can see that God has always been here, and that he always will be. He has always provided for me, and loved me. He has been with me during times of trial, and during times of extreme happiness. He was with me when my mom left this Earth to join him in Heaven, and he has promised to NEVER ever leave my side. That promise is so amazing, and so real. I'm so grateful today that He has accepted me as I am, and that no matter what I always have a father who loves me.

God has blessed my life with men who are good fathers, and who love their children very much. When I moved away to go to college, and I had the honor of being loved by one of those men. He took me under his wing and became the dad I had never known. He provided direction, guidance, love, conversation and quality time together. I learned what it was like to have a father that cared about where you were, and when you would be home. I learned what it was like to get hugged from a dad for no reason other than to be shown that you are loved, and that he was glad I was there. To this day, this man plays a great role in my life. He is my example of what a dad should be, and even what a husband should be. These adopted parents of mine lead by example each day. I know with absolute certainty that my reason for living in San Diego was to get the beautiful insight that I had not seen prior to this time in my life. I hadn't seen a happy marriage before. I knew they existed, but I hadn't seen up close the kind of communication and acceptance that comes with that relationship. Of course no marriage is perfect because no person on this Earth is perfect. But I saw how wonderful it could be, and what is was like to be in a home with both parents and still have peace. For this, I'm eternally grateful! And I'm thankful that God blessed with me with my pop.

My prayer today is that all of the wonderful men around the world are being told just how great they are, and how they are admired and respected. And that the men who don't know how to be daddies will be blessed and loved themselves, and maybe then they will learn how to love their kids. Many people have not been loved selflessly, and therefore have no idea to show and give that kind of love. For those of you that have not had a dad around, not known what it was like to get that quality time with a strong male figure, may you feel God's love surrounding you today and everyday going forward. You aren't alone, and you are loved beyond your comprehension and imagination! God bless all of the dads out there!

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Well said!!! Very well said. :)