Monday, June 16, 2008

My Mom - An Amazing Woman

I remember that she always held our hands, and she always let us sit in her chair with her. She didn't ask for space, or to be left alone... she loved it as much as we did. My mom was always so giving of herself, of her time, of her love. She always opened herself up to other people, not fearing the rejection or possible hurt that could come. She treated everyone the same, no matter who they were or what they did. She never looked down on other people, and she never boasted. My mom was one of the most loving and amazing women I've ever had the privilege and honor of knowing. I know that God was selective when he blessed me with her for a mother. I know that he thought about it carefully, and because he made me to be such a sensitive and emotional person, he knew I'd need someone who understand those exact traits. My mom was so great at reading me and knowing when I just needed to be hugged instead of argued with. She encouraged me to follow my dreams, even when it scared her to death to think of me alone in a big city. And she celebrated with me when I achieved my dreams, and found the strength that she always knew I had. I can say that I learned how to tell people how I feel because my mom always told me, and she encouraged me to express myself. Because of her, I can tell people what is on my heart without any reservations and know that God will bless those words for me.

Tomorrow, June 17th, I am celebrating the life that my mom lived, and the people she touched. I'm thanking our gracious Lord for the blessings she brought to my life, the lessons she taught me, and the love that she instilled in me that will forever continue on. I am in great part who I am because of my mom, and I'm so thankful. I know that she is in Heaven, celebrating the day God brought her into this earth and the day he took her home. Her work was done in 57 short years. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and miss you more beyond imagination.


The Cohen's said...

Mom is in heaven celebrating today... all day, with all of those up there that she loves. :) I have no doubt about that. She was amazing, Tee. And she's watching down on us, proud of where we are and what we're doing. There is nobody better than you to write about her and the incredible mom she was.

Lexi said...

I love you girls!!!! You are amazing awesome women and I hope that someday my daughter will write about me the way that you two write about your mommy! Sending many BIG hugs your way!!!!