Sunday, March 15, 2009

How He Provides

What a wonderful and special weekend... again! (Smile)

I got to spend time with wonderful friends and my sweet sisters... talking, watching movies, learning about one another, and marveling at all of the wonderful ways in which our amazing god works!

As a friend and I were driving home yesterday from a mini-retreat, we discussed how God can be everything we need. He's a Savior, father, a husband, and even a mom. Up until yesterday I had never considered that He could fulfill that role for me. I know that He can do all things, and I know that He has completely provided for me since my mom died. And yet to put Him in that role simply hadn't occurred to me. When I reflect on how He's taken care of me, He has placed many "moms" directly in front of me that I might receive the love and encouragement that I need. And He's done it with intricate detail - women who love Him, who have experienced hurt and loss, some who can relate and some that can't, some to give hugs, some to hold hands, and many to pray. He has for all intent and purpose been my mom! AMAZING! :) And so beautiful. It leaves me feeling even more humble, and so incredibly grateful! There's a line in the "New Unger's Bible Dictionary" on comfort that explains what I've received so perfectly: "True comfort strengthens us to face life bravely and keep on going." God is our comfort, and He surely provides it!

I am blessed beyond measure at how He loves me. I am surrounded by such special people! I pray that all of the blessings I have received will be given back to each of you! My heart is full of thanks for each of you that are my encouragers and my friends.

Have a wonderful week... seek His face, and know you are loved~

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